Nick Oram

A natural born motivator and a magnet for change, Nick Oram knows how to push his clients beyond their comfort zones. His talent and command of the room have paved the way for him as a producer, a host and one of the top fitness trainers in the country. For three years, in Los Angeles, Nick hosted Jet Set, a style travel show. There, he also obtained an exclusive contract with Nike for his creation of "Adrenaline" and his sold-out, results-driven yet fun spinning sets quickly took off in Los Angeles and New York City. Among the best in his field, Nick's wildly addictive "rides" have helped shape the bodies of Justin Timberlake, Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Wahlberg, Alicia Keys, Kelly Ripa, Katy Perry, Nicole Kidman, Rob Lowe, Tom Cruise, Ashley Tisdale, Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra. He has a devoted following who swear by his ability to reshape their minds and bodies.